What Is Grounding Anyway?

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.” ~ Henry David Thoreau.

I often talk to my clients and students about the importance of feeling grounded, and although they may have heard of the term, many seem disconnected from the concept – both figuratively and literally. For some, the idea of being “grounded” can even conjure up images of being grounded as children, or of being grounded at an airport. So subconsciously, they may associate the term with being “stuck” in one place and not being free to move.


  • Feeling Anxious
  • Racing Thoughts
  • Inability to Sit Still
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Feeling Unsupported
  • Anger/Road Rage
  • Have lots of ideas but difficulty taking action
  • Feeling off balance both physically or emotionally

People who feel unsafe in their body due to physical abuse or other trauma also have difficulty grounding. They find it safer to be “out of their body” and often will use numbing or addictive behavior as a coping strategy.

Being ungrounded can also manifest on a physical level, with symptoms of plantar fasciitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, back pain, clumsiness, feeling dizzy, or migraines to name a few.


When we remove the access electric charge from an object, it is called grounding. Removing access emotional charge that is a result of getting lost in the non-physical world of thought is also called grounding. 

Grounding (or what is sometimes referred to as Earthing) draws us away from thoughts that carry stories of past or future fear or suffering, and brings us into the safety and calmness of the present moment. We also become more attuned to Earth – the planet that sustains and supports our very being.

Athletes, dancers, and people who’ve studied Martial Arts have been taught the importance of using ground force in order to gather more power, strength and balance. In biomechanics terms, this is called the ground reaction force (GRF). At a foundational level, if our feet are not grounded, we do not receive enough force from the ground to gather power or energy. In this same way, the less grounded we are in our lives, the more difficulty we have taking action that helps us move forward.

When we feel rooted, we become conscious that Earth is literally always there, supporting us. This support is not just felt on a physical level; it’s also psychological. When we feel the connection to Earth, we remember that we are connected to something so much bigger than ourselves. Much like a tree supported by its roots, we can learn to root ourselves and feel more capable of handling any storm that might otherwise take us off balance. 


At the most basic level, simply being in nature is grounding. Being with a pet or around animals is grounding. Here are some more specific ways to help you become more grounded.

  • Walking outside in bare feet on the grass or sand (not concrete). This allows us to physically feel more connected to Earth, and allows Earth’s electromagnetic field to be absorbed into the body. This not only has a calming affect, some research has shown it to have anti-inflammatory benefits on the body.
  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a point on the bottom of the foot that is called Kidney 1. It is an acupuncture point underneath the foot about a third of the way down from the base of the toes to the heel. It is also referred to as Gushing Spring or Bubbling Brook. When we bring conscious attention to that point, we visualize and feel that we are receiving energy that is “bubbling up” directly from the Earth. The Kidney Meridian becomes a passageway for Earth’s energy and rises from the bottoms of our feet, all the way into our chest. Along the way, this energy or Qi (life force) nourishes our legs, and all of our vital organs are infused by the nourishing energy of the Earth.  Syncing the breath along with this visualization to move the energy into your body, creates an even stronger sense of grounding.
  • Stand with the feet parallel and hip distance apart.  Feel the 9 points of contact connected to the ground under each foot (big toe mound, little toe mound, the heel, the outer edge of the foot and the five toes). From those points of contact, imagine growing roots deep into the heart of the earth. Feel as rooted and connected to the earth as a tree. With feet firmly planted, you can repeat the affirmation “I Belong Here”, which is associated with the Root Chakra (shown in the image below). 
  • Lie on you back on the ground. Inhale quietly through your nose to the count of 3, and exhale slowly to the count of 5 or 6. With each exhale, release any tension out of your body.  Feel the support of the ground beneath you and let go of any tension in your body.  Feel fully cradled and supported by Mother Earth. You can use the affirmation, “in this moment, I am safe”.
  • Body Scan. Lie on your back and slowly scan your body starting with your feet, ankles, calves… all the way up to the top of your head. Scan each body part, feeling any sensations that arise. Just notice what you are feeling and move on to the next body part. Allow yourself to simply “listen” to your body with no judgment, and becoming more familiar with its language. 
  • Sound baths can also be very grounding. The sound and vibrational energy of gongs or drums is an ancient and powerful way to help still the mind as we feel the vibrations of sound resonating in the body. Chanting is another wonderful way to come into the body by feeling the healing vibration of your own voice. You can chant the sound “AAUNG” using a low tone that will sink into the Root Chakra.

Give some of these grounding practices a try and find the ones that resonate the most. Some days you might find that it takes a bit longer to come into your body and feel rooted in the present moment. Be patient with yourself. As anything, it takes practice. A few minutes a day will help quiet the mind and reconnect you to the sacred vessel we call the human body. It will also help you feel more connected to this remarkable planet that nurtures and supports us everyday of our lives. 

If you have any questions or need guidance with any of the grounding practices, please contact me via email: graceflow13@gmail.com

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