Find Your Soul's Agenda


Ani Anderson who is the author of the book “Find Your Soul’s Agenda” is the creator of this amazing process. I am honored to be one of the facilitators she has personally trained to help you find your Soul’s purpose. I will  guide you through a process that will reveal the one word that will help decode the mystery of what you are here to experience.  It also helps explain the unconscious patterns that may have sabotaged you from living a purposeful life in the past.

When I went through this process and found my word, every decision that I had made in the past (both “good” or “bad”), made sense. It helped me realize that even when we think we have lost our way, we are actually always on course. When we feel like life is a struggle, we are just  living in the polarity of our “word”, which is when we actually have the greatest opportunity for growth.

From this one word, we create a powerful statement that sums up the life that you are here to experience as well as how you would like to impact others.  This statement becomes the guidepost that helps you make decisions that are aligned with your word. 

One of my favorite moments is when my clients recognize their word on a visceral level. It’s as if they had known it all along, but just needed someone to help them bring it out into the light of day.

Let me help you find that one word that will help bring greater clarity into your life. 

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Find Your Soul's Agenda by Ani Anderson