Qi (pronounced “chee”) means breath or life force, and Gong means cultivation or practice.  Qigong is a centuries old Chinese healthcare system that involves movement, breath and various ways of increasing and moving energy. It is a moving meditation practice that brings the practitioner an increased sense of awareness, improved posture, balance, greater health and inner peace.  I have studied and been certified under Robert Peng, and am currently studying under Daisy Lee to learn her system of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong. It is a Medical Qigong practice that supports holistic self-care and healing geared towards women and their specific health issues. 

I have practiced some form of meditation or mindfulness practice for the past 20 years. Qigong has been transformative in allowing me to maintain a sense of equanimity, wholeness and peace in my life. I will incorporate it in my holistic healing and coaching practice to empower my clients with the tools to handle life’s ups and downs, as well as deal with specific health challenges they may be experiencing.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning this ancient practice of mindfulness and holistic self-care. I teach individual and group classes.