Mindset Coaching

Many of us are stuck in the comfort zone of “the known” – even if we aren’t happy, our fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. There is often a voice telling us “this is good enough” or “who am I to ask for more?”. I know, because I’ve been there….I had what society told me was the “perfect” life. But my gut was telling me something different. For a long time, I shoved that voice down with an incessant strive for perfection in everything I did. But then, as I delved deeper into mindfulness practices and started asking the right questions, I became aware that it wasn’t a feeling that I could continue to ignore.

I understand what it takes to have the courage to move through the fear and step into the life that we are meant to live. We as women, rarely allow ourselves the opportunity to question what it is we want. We are nurturers who have been taught to look outward to see who needs our love, our care, and our compassion. This is how we have learned to feel loved and valued. But If we don’t believe we are worthy of our own love, why would we feel that we are worthy of the love of another? How can we give others something that we can’t give ourselves?  How can we teach our children how to love themselves, if we have never experienced it for ourselves?

As a Sensation Based Mindset Coach, I will give you the tools to help you reconnect to every part of yourself – Your Body, your Mind, and your Spirit. Changing your mindset is more than just changing your thoughts or “willing” yourself to change.It is about reconnecting to that inner knowing of who you are at your core, and giving you the tools to identify and change old beliefs that no longer serve you. It involves teaching you how to make choices every day that are aligned with your values in order to build a life that you don’t need to escape from. Once you reconnect to yourself, you will realize that you already know what to do – you’ve just forgotten how to access the answers found within. I’m here to help you navigate your way back to YOU. 

Included in your coaching sessions:

  •  Specific assessments to help you determine what you want, and help determine what is stopping you from getting it.
  • Learn how to work in alignment with Universal Laws to help manifest your vision.
  • Learn specific tools to re-pattern old beliefs mired in fears and lack, and arm you with ability to tap into your inner wisdom.
  • Learn Sensation Based tools to change your mindset by helping reframe “negative” sensations (like fear, shame, anger, sadness) that stop you from moving forward and becoming all that you can be.
  • Mindfulness like Qigong to help you feel more present, grounded and connect to your intuition.
We can meet in person or remotely via video conferencing. Contact me here to connect.