Nalu Women's Retreat

2020 Retreat Dates:
April 16-19
May 14-17
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Flow into Life’s Transitions with Grace and Ease

Nalu. [Hawaiian] to flow ~ when surfer becomes one with the wave.

Transitions abound…they are the waves in the ocean of life. We as women go thru many changes in our bodies throughout our lives, and our relationships are in constant flux depending on our roles as daughters, partners, wives, mothers, career women, stay at home moms, grandmothers, caretakers, empty nesters, and everything in between. We experience many physical, emotional and relational changes during the course of our lives, and our ability to handle these life transitions is directly proportional to our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Do you find yourself resisting change? Do you fear the unknown? Have you lost touch with who you are and what you want? Do you tend to choose comfort over growth? Do you feel like you are at a crossroad and need some help navigating your way to clarity? At Nalu Retreat, my mission is to empower you with the tools to help you flow through the inevitable waves of life with grace; to create a safe space for you to reconnect to yourself, to your needs and desires, to your inner guidance, and to do it among a community of women who are there to support you at the retreat and beyond.Using Women’s Qigong, you will learn how to ground yourself in the present moment; you will learn about neutral compassion; you will learn how to set healthy boundaries; you will learn self care and self healing techniques to help you get through challenging transitions with greater ease; you will learn Tibetan Sound Healing to help you find your voice and speak your truth.

As a Mind Body Coach, I will teach you sensation-based techniques that will help you tune into the messages that your body has to share with you. Instead of being paralyzed by difficult emotions, you will learn to first acknowledge them and then shift them to help you flow into a state of balance and connect to your inner knowing. This will include a 30 minute private coaching session.

We will use movement and play to help you reconnect to your body and find joy in movement. Breathing techniques will teach you to ground and balance yourself when you are under physical and emotional stress. In the evenings, you will be guided through Restorative Yoga to help bring your body into a restful state.

Another unique aspect of this retreat is that you will get a chance to experience Intermittent Fasting (IF) in a supportive group environment. We will fast 16 hours from 7pm to 11 am giving us an 8-hour eating window. Along with IF’s many health benefits, it also is a great way to help your body adapt to stress, which will help you flow through stressors in other aspects of your life. IF helps us be more mindful in one of the transitions we go through every single day- transitioning from a fasted state when we wake up. It enables us to tune into whether the sensations that we are experiencing are actually those of hunger, or if they are a result of habit, or an old belief system, or our emotional state.

This retreat will also give you ample opportunity to spend time in nature- either enjoying the 12 acre property or going on hikes on nearby trails. Being in nature helps us reconnect to ourselves, to the present moment, and to our own true nature. The property features a beautiful pond and is surrounded by a running creek. There is a calming sense of flow on the property that was the inspiration behind the name, Nalu.

Once you go home, you will not be left to figure out how to transition back on your own. I will help you incorporate some of these tools into a daily routine. My goal is to provide you with the opportunity to become part of a growing community of women who will continue to meet on line regularly, providing a safe place to share, to learn, and to grow. A group of women that will remind you that are strong, you are worthy, you are loved and that you are not alone in navigating life’s transitions.